Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lets get this thing started

Hi and welcome to our blog. We purchased our little block of dirt in Camden Park, Bridgewater Estate in October 2009. It was registered in May 2010. The block is 700sq metres and has about a 5 metre slope away from the road. After looking at different builders we stumbled across a local builder, Jaycol Homes who specialises in sloping block builds. We had a look at some of his houses and spoke with his draftsman and decided that we would get him to build our house.

We decided on a 4 bedroom tri-level house which is 270sq metres in size. As shown in the following pictures.

Ground Floor Plan

 Upper Floor Plan

Side Sectional View

Front View
 Site Plan

The Plans went in to Council in November 2010 and the DA approved in late December 2010. We spoke to the builder and has organised for excavation to start on January 15th 2011.

Here are a handful of pics of the land.

January 2010

December 2009

Taken 17th September 2010 from Nearmaps, our land is basically in the middle of the photo.

to be cont.

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  1. Hi there Chris & Bim - great looking floor plan and block you've got there. Very brave of you to tackle such a huge fall, but your plan is really clever with the living area upstairs.
    Braver than us. We looked at a few blocks that had magnificent views but were too chicken to take on the fall (and site costs).
    Looking forward to watching your build :)