Monday, April 25, 2011

Update 22nd April

We went out on Good Friday to check the progress, we weren't really expecting too much as it's only a short week followed by a very long weekend. Well weren't we surprised.

The first thing we noticed was that the front posts and the sandstone capping is in and we are very happy with the look. The front window has been stained. The internal air conditioning unit and ducting is all in, the insulation has been put in the walls and the electricals are all roughed out.

The gyprock is stacked throughout the house and the Gyprockers are booked in to start on Wednesday.

We took the following photos.......

Photos taken 22nd April

To be cont............

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update 19th April

Well the roof is finally on yeah, it is looking like a house now :)

I spoke to the builder on Wednesday and he told me that the bricks had been finished on Monday and that gutters and facias went up yesterday. He said that he had organised for the tilers to be onsite on Wednesday but he had been stuffed around with delivery of the tiles by a day or maybe even 2 days late. Well the tiles were eventually finished on either Monday or Tuesday, so all good.

We finalised our electrical plan on Thursday night and Chris went for a walkthrough on Friday morning with the sparky. All good, the only thing he suggested on top of our plan was a downlight at the entrance as there was the possibility of a dark spot at the front door. All organised to put the ceiling fans in for us and very happy with his rates for all the overs and above.

As for the electrical box we've all come to a compromise, still on the northern wall but recessed into the wall so it will hide behind the downpipe. There is enough room to put the fence in so the first garage window will be in the backyard, so Chris is happy enough about this.

Well here are the photos we took on the weekend, with one extra taken today (Tuesday) by Tash....

Taken 16/04/11

Taken by Tash - 19/04/11

To be cont................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Update 11th April 2011

Well it's been a month since we've updated the blog. But to be honest not a great deal has happened in that month, the only thing that has happened is the brick work is all but complete. We were wondering if they thought they were bricking the Great Wall of China, it has taken them a month to complete the bricks, oh well.

Anyway spoke to our builder this morning for an update on where we are at this week. OK he tells us that the bricks will be completed today (Monday) and the facias will go up tomorrow and then the roof up on Wednesday or Thursday. So here's hoping that our visit next weekend will have roof tiles in place, we can't wait to see if all our colours match.

Only got one ripe at the moment and that is where they have the electrical wire going to the house. The plans show the meter box on the southern side of the house and the sparky has put wire for box on the northern side of the house. Now I want it on the southern side of the house, the reason is that on the southern side of the house will be the narrow passage and best hidden away on this side of the house, on the northern side it will be on the open side of the house, and not happy with an ugly looking meter box here. Also I want to put in double gates next to the garage and if the meter box is there I will have to have the gates and fence set back further to allow for the box to be outside of the fence. When I spoke to builder about this he at first tried to fob me off wondering what the whole issue was, when I told him that in the design process we put it on that side for these reasons he began to see my point. Well he spoke to the sparky about it and the sparky said that the day he laid it there was rubbish all over the front of the yard, so in his wisdom decided that this side would do, even though plans show it otherwise. The builder tells us that he got up sparky and said why didn't you call him for direction. So this is in the hands of the builder at the moment, see what happens.

Well over the past couple of weeks we have taken photos of the brick work progression.

Photos taken on the 26/03/11

Photos taken on the 30/03/11

Photos taken on the 10/04/11

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