Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update 12th March

ZZZZZ been a very quiet week on the house front this week. I spoke to the builder early in the week and he said that he was hoping to get the brick work started this week. He said that his normal crew were looking like taking another job before ours. He said worse case scenario the brick work would start on Friday 11th March.

I also spoke to him about another few issues, firstly it looks like the plumber has trouble looking at the fine points of the plan, he once again forgot something, the fridge plumbing, builder said plumber would fix this Tuesday. This was fixed when we went out.

Also for some unknown reason there was a small wall (about 500mm) just sticking out in the framwork between the kitchen and dining rooms, which was not on the plans, ummmm, what tha. I spoke to the builder about this, he was as suprised as me when he saw it, told me not to worry it would go, but the kitchen people had been out and done a site measure, we hope this is not going to be an issue. We promptly contacted them and they were also confused about the wall, we assured them it would be gone, but in the meantime our friend the plumber thought this was an ideal place for the stink pipe to go, well looks like more work for the plumber, oh well. Wall gone.

Also there was extra framework in the stair area, when we looked on site we were baffled as to how the stairs would work and how it would look. I sent the builder a picture of my vision of the stairs and he said that is how he was going to finish it off, he thinks that the draftsman put extra walls in plans, for some unknown reason, lol, but all sorted, it's good being an ex-trady at times I can speak the lingo with the builder.

Well we went out took some pictures and unfortunately no bricks layed yet, but have been stacked around the house, sand and cement shed all on site, so looks to be a goer for Monday, fingers crossed.

Windows and Doors in

Been a bit slack on the Blog for the past week, sorry about that. Well on Friday 4th March I got a call from the builder to let me know that the windows and sliding doors had been put in and that the bricks were delivered. I was going straight out after work so I was unable to go out and have a peek after work, but Belinda went out and took a couple of photos. We then both went out on the weekend and took some further photos, check them out.

Photos Taken from the outside by Belinda on Friday.

                                                               Front window (bedroom 4)

Front window (bedroom 4)

Front window (bedroom 4)

Garage Windows

Dining Room Window

Loungroom Window (rear of house)

Main Bedroom window (rear of house)

Rear of house

Rear of house

Rumpus Room Stacker Door


Photos Taken from the inside by Chris on Saturday

                                                                     Bedroom 4

Laundry Window

Garage window

Dining/family room window & door

Main bedroom window on southern wall

bathroom window

Dining Room Window Facinf East

Dining room windows facing north

loungeroom windor

Rumpus room stacker door

Ensuite twin shower heads

Ensuite twin shower heads

To be cont..................

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frame all up.

I got a call from the builder on Tuesday 1st march and he told me to expect an email when I got home, yes number 2 progress payment to be signed off as the frame was all up. Awesome, things are flying along really good so far and with little hassle. So excited to see what it looked like at frame stage and so we could sign off we organised to both leave work a little earlier and go for a mid week drive out and check it out.

Wow, this gave us so much more perspective on what our house is going to be like and the elevation we have, we both love it. So as with everytrip we take out we took some of the following pictures, enjoy.

Looking from top level dining/family room

                                             Sliding door to go in here, top level family/dining

                                                                     Front of house

                                                                      Down the side


From the backyard




To be cont.................