Sunday, April 10, 2011

Update 11th April 2011

Well it's been a month since we've updated the blog. But to be honest not a great deal has happened in that month, the only thing that has happened is the brick work is all but complete. We were wondering if they thought they were bricking the Great Wall of China, it has taken them a month to complete the bricks, oh well.

Anyway spoke to our builder this morning for an update on where we are at this week. OK he tells us that the bricks will be completed today (Monday) and the facias will go up tomorrow and then the roof up on Wednesday or Thursday. So here's hoping that our visit next weekend will have roof tiles in place, we can't wait to see if all our colours match.

Only got one ripe at the moment and that is where they have the electrical wire going to the house. The plans show the meter box on the southern side of the house and the sparky has put wire for box on the northern side of the house. Now I want it on the southern side of the house, the reason is that on the southern side of the house will be the narrow passage and best hidden away on this side of the house, on the northern side it will be on the open side of the house, and not happy with an ugly looking meter box here. Also I want to put in double gates next to the garage and if the meter box is there I will have to have the gates and fence set back further to allow for the box to be outside of the fence. When I spoke to builder about this he at first tried to fob me off wondering what the whole issue was, when I told him that in the design process we put it on that side for these reasons he began to see my point. Well he spoke to the sparky about it and the sparky said that the day he laid it there was rubbish all over the front of the yard, so in his wisdom decided that this side would do, even though plans show it otherwise. The builder tells us that he got up sparky and said why didn't you call him for direction. So this is in the hands of the builder at the moment, see what happens.

Well over the past couple of weeks we have taken photos of the brick work progression.

Photos taken on the 26/03/11

Photos taken on the 30/03/11

Photos taken on the 10/04/11

To be cont.................


  1. looking good now excitement building

  2. Very exciting! Bricks look great :) It has taken a while for the bricks to go up but they look great so don't worry about it!

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the gutters and fascia :)