Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part 1 of slab poured :)

After going out on the 5th February I contacted the builder during the week and he told me that the bottom half of the slab would be poured on Friday 10th and the top half would be poured on Tuesday 15th. So we headed out on Saturday the 12th to take some more happy snaps to update our blog.

Upon inspection we noticed that one thing was missing in the bottom slab, oh no, what to do. In the corner of the rumpus room which is on the lower slab we had asked for drainage pipe and plumbing to be there but blanked off. Well we were a bit suprised to see no drainage pipe sticking out of the slab. The reason we are doing this is because we are putting a bar in the rumpus room and want to have a sink (doing it ourself after build).

So the following day (Monday) I called the builder and asked him about about, his first words were, "is that on the plans", um yes it is, I told him that they are on the council stamped plans, ummm ok (could hear panic in his voice). Builder rings me back an hour later, and he was very apologetic. He said that the plumber missed it on the plans and he just briefed over it. He said that the plumber said he could fix it before the top slab was poured, which luckily is tomorrow (Tuesday). We will see...................fingers crossed.

To be continued........

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