Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Part 2 of Slab poured

When we got home from work on Tuesday (15th Feb) we were met with an email for the first progress payment for the slab. After speaking to the builder on Monday, he told us that it was all on track to pour the top slab on Tuesday. So as we are required to sign off so he can get paid for it when we out and had a look today (Wednesday). Sweet, the slab is complete, so now the waiting time for curing etc......All good so far.

Prior to checking out the slab we had an appointment with the kitchen designer. We were a little nervous about this wondering what we wanted and what we could get. Luckily almost everything we wanted was within standard allowances. It looks like there might be a few little extras, like higher cupboards (to suit 9' ceiling) and bulkhead above cupboards, hopefully this shouldn't break the bank, we will see when the design and price comes back. The process was a lot less painful than what we thought it would be, it was actually an enjoyable process, hats off the Cobbitty Grove Kitchens, well so far anyway. We will update the kitchen details when we get the design back.

As for the saga of the missing drainage pipe, well look likes there is a pipe coming out of the concrete wall about 200mm above floor level in the rumpas room. All I can say is lucky I noticed it when I did, because if not there would have been issues.

Here are the pictures we took today.

You can see the round hole/dot in the wall where the pipe is, drainage for bar sink.

 To be cont............


  1. I'm really interested to following along with your blog as my husband and I have bought a block here in Canberra that we hope to start building on late this year which slopes away from the road. We plan to have a split level design also so I will enjoy following your progress.